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We are extremely pleased to provide a new line of glasses with licensed patented technology from TrueBlue Lenses, developed to enhance any Fishing experience.

Fishing Like You've Never Seen Before

With the expert perspective of Fishing Phenomenon, Writer, Producer, Host and Guide of the Sport Fishing market, Mark Melnyk is a trusted advisor and cherished friend to Sundog Eyewear. Mark has provided expert insight into lens polarization, tint, coatings to repel water, oil and scratch resistance to enhance Fishing lens performance. Our Fishing series have greatly benefitted from Mark’s input on frame fit and function.

Our relationship with Mark has spanned five years and started with Melanin lens technology and has evolved into Melanin and OLP™ found in TrueBlue. It is the unique combinations of these filtration substances that address harmful high energy visible light, or Blue light, and differentiate the TrueBlue lens from any other lens on the market. Reduction in glare and veiled glare make TrueBlue the only lens to maximize fishing vision and enjoyment.

"A full day outside with zero eye fatigue separates Sundog Fishing glasses, from every other brand I’ve worn, because of TrueBlue lenses." – Mark Melnyk.

TrueBlue premium injected polarized lenses are enhanced with three superior quality lens coatings:

  • OAR – Optical Anti-Reflective Lens Coating, to help eliminate reflections.
  • Hydrophobic Lens Coating, help repel salt and fresh water.
  • Oleophobic Lens Coating, helps repel oil from fingerprints and sweat and makes cleaning much easier

The superior performance of TrueBlue polarized lenses result in:

  • Unique Blue Light Filtration
  • Improved Performance
  • Refined Protection, Enhanced Definition
  • Maximum Visual Clarity
  • Superior Glare Reduction
  • Reduces Visual Fatigue
  • 100% UVA/UVB filtration

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